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 Convergent billing system

Client subsystem


Basic definitions

The Client is a person (physical or legal), responsible for payment of services and the equipment, given to the subscribers. The client is determined as an object - folder, containing in itself other objects - personal accounts which number is not limited.

The Personal Account is essence for conducting total services cost and payments. The balance is stored on the personal account. Payments and total services costs become attached to personal accounts. The personal account is determined as an object - folder, containing in itself other objects - subscribers which number is not limited.

Subscriber is a person who consumes telecomunication services. Detailed cost of services is adhered to the subscriber. For any moment of time physical identifier of the subscriber is known (telephone number, IMSI, MIN, login etc).

Basic features

  • Input, reading and editing of the client data, including personal accounts and subscribers;
  • Routine maintenance of the client (change of the tariff plan, a set of services, bills generating, detailed calls reports making, change of number, replacement of a SIM-card etc.);
  • Conducting operative and long-term records about contacts to the client or his/her representatives;
  • Reception of the information on various aspects of interaction of the company with clients, including a history of tariffs, granting of services.

Credit control features

  • The credit control is conducted on balance of the personal account;
  • The "personal account type" concept is supported which defines thresholds of services blocking/unbloking on the switch for one subscriber of the personal account. The threshold of the personal account is calculated by multiplication of a threshold of the subscriber on subs number.;
  • Absolute thresholds are supported, not dependent on subs number;
  • Thresholds of access for each personal account can be adjusted individually;
  • Automatic adjustment of individual access thresholds on the personal account is supported depending on a history of payments;