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 Convergent billing system

Service provisioning


The module supports interface between billing core and telecommunication equipment and provides real-time automatic processing of service connection/disconnection, parameters and QoS settings.

Basic features:

  • Get commands from billing core;
  • Transfer them to telecommunication equipment;
  • Checking of command processing and return result to billing core;
  • Viewing of commands status;
  • Event monitoring;
  • Windows service and application mode supporting.

Features for voice switches and mobile networks HLRs:

  • Supporting of RS-232, Ethernet, X.21, V.35 interfaces;
  • Supporting of TCP/IP, X.25 protocols;
  • Any other protocol/interface type if needed.
  • .

Features for IP-based services:

  • Supporting of SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet protocols for provisioning.
  • Supporting of RADIUS-attributes for wide list of hardware, including ACC, Cisco, Lucent, Microsoft, 3Com/USR, Ascend, Bay Networks, Nortel, Shiva etc;