Convergent billing system from Softel - Rating subsystem
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 Convergent billing system

Rating subsystem


Rating module is intended for registration of the adjustments necessary for calculation of telecom services cost, and management of these adjustments.

Tariff selection procedure

Tariff of service depends on:

  • service type;
  • time of day;
  • day of week;
  • day type (holiday, day-off, etc.);
  • set of QoS (Quality of Service, depending on service type);
  • tariff zone, which depends on service-based parameter set;
  • geographical location of subscriber (roaming).

Tariff zone for fixed, mobile or VoIP telephony depends on:

  • modified A-number for incoming calls;
  • modified B-number for outgoing calls;
  • call type;
  • switch service flags.

Tariff zone for data transfer service depends on:

  • Source IP-address;
  • Source port;
  • Destination IP-address;
  • Destination port;
  • Protocol type;
  • APN (Access Point Name)

Value-added services rating is supported:

  • GPRS/WAP (data transfer service for GSM/3G);
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service);
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service);
  • LCS (Location-Based Services);
  • Push-To-Talk (Voice&SMS confernce messaging);
  • MBMS (Multimedia Brodcasting Messaging Service);
  • Content;
  • Any type of RADIUS/DIAMETER-rated services.

Service volumes.

The system calculates price of service based on following amounts:

  • Session/call duration;
  • Downloading data volume;
  • Uploading data volume;
  • Total data volume;
  • Service-depending amount (messages number, packets number, files number etc.);

Service amount may be rounded (e.g. call duration may be converted from seconds to minutes).

Local modifiers.


Local modifier setup tariff dependence on service amount for current session. Examples:

  • First 3 secounds by call are free of charge;
  • First minute of call costs $0.05, next minutes costs $0.04 per munite.;
  • First 1Кб of data during session is free of charge.

Global modifiers.

Global modifier setup some bonus depending on total service volume per day or per month. Examples:

  • Bundles: first 100 minutes per month are free of charge (be charged as subscription fee), over limit tariff is $0.05/min.;
  • First 10 SMS per day are free of charge;
  • Telescope tariff plan: first 500 MB per month costs 0.10$/mb, next 500 МB costs 0.08$/mb, etc.;

Personal discounts.

The feature allows to set special tariff depends on set of parameters linked to subscriber. Examples:

  • Preferred Numbers (discount for calls on numbers set by subscriber);
  • Group modifier (discount depending on corporate client subscribers number);
  • Group Tariff (discount for calls between corporate client subscribers);

One-time and periodic services.

The system allows to link some logical services to subscribers. Services may be charged one-time, daily, monthly etc. Logical services may be connected to switch services or RADIUS / DIAMETER attributes.